Stuart Goldsmith (UK)

All show no pony, all spit no polish; Stu goes back to the source. A brand new hour of undeniably funny ideas.

Stuart Goldsmith’s enthusiasm and natural charm conceal a quick wit and fearlessness honed by his early career as a street performer. He is internationally recognised for original, striking stand-up comedy; his last three solo shows making him an "expert standup" (Sunday Times), and 'wonderfully funny' (Time Out). Stuart has won and has been nominated for, multiple awards, including "Spirit of the Festival Award" at New Zealand International Comedy Festival, 2013.

Stuart has performed standup all over Britain and Europe, and as far afield as Dubai, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. He is also the host of Comedian’s Comedian Podcast, one of the most popular comedy podcasts out there.

‘Probably one of the most likeable acts on the circuit’ - Metro

"A supremely talented stand-up, with a wonderfully funny view of the world and an effortless charm" - Time Out


Wednesday, April 29th, 20.00 @ Komeediklubi Festival Special. Get your tickets here
Thursday, April 30th, 18.30 @ Café Sinilind. Get your ticket here