Mitch Benn (UK)

Mitch Benn is a British musician, comedian and author known for his comedy rock songs performed on BBC radio.

Mitch is travelling to Tallinn with his guitar to prove that musical comedy rocks, sometimes literally. So far (and probably forever) he's the only Tallinn Comedy Festival act who has published seven LP-s. And if it so happens that Mitch will miss a few notes, he will more than make up for it with brilliant satire.

Benn regularly plays live shows at clubs and festivals in Britain, and has toured extensively overseas, including South Africa, Hong Kong and Singapore. In 1995 Mitch Benn won the Best New Comedian competition at the Glastonbury Festival, and has played there every year since. He is a regular contributor to BBC Radio 4's satirical programme The Now Show, and has hosted other radio shows.

Tuesday, April 28th, 19.00 @ Comedy Gala (Nordea). Get your tickets here
Wednesday, April 29th, 20.00 @ Komeediklubi Festival Special (Von Krahl). Get your tickets here