Make My Wife Disappear (EST)

Make My Wife Dissappear or What if Feels Like to be a Magician is a theatrical research into the daily life of a professional magician.

It’s not a magic show, it’s not a stand-up show, if anything, then it’s comedy magic. It has tricks and jokes and it will answer many questions that people have about magicians. For example:

How does he do that? What happens if the trick fails? Are the volunteers REALLY volunteers? What’s with the animals? How many rabbits does he have? How can you make sure that the doves don’t crap everywhere?

Kinoteater’s production is based on the experience and life of professional magicians Meelis Kubo and Charlekas.

Kinoteater is a group of friends who produce theatre outside the boundaries of repertory theatres. It all began in 2011 with some stand-up shows and has since grown into a hub for theatrical ideas that make it’s makers heart beat faster.


Wednesday, April 29th, 20.00 @ Von Krahl. Get your tickets here
NB! The show is in Estonian!