Improv Festival Tilt presents: JadaJada (FI)

JadaJada Improv is an English-Language Improv group based in Tampere, Finland that is made up of an international ensemble of performers. They perform fun, energetic, and often ridiculous versions of classic Short Form Improv games, as well as a variety of both Short Form and Long Form formats that they have come up with themselves.

JadaJada will perform their funniest Short Form pieces at the festival.  If you haven't seen improv before it is much like classical theatre but the material is made up on the spot and it's a whole lot more funny.

This isn’t their first trip to Tallin, either! JadaJada has performed in Tallinn twice before, and have played in Improv Festivals in Barcelona, Gothenburg, Chicago and beyond. JadaJada Improv recently celebrated their 5th Anniversary together.

On the stage: Trent Pancy, Janne Järvinen, Boris Kashentsev, Anita Marjasalo, Kate Limani & Ulla Oksanen.

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Friday Oct 7th 18.30 @ Kammerteater, tickets here